Legal Notices

The Legal Notices, as amended by us from time to time, provide information about Majstorović & Partners, set out the basis on which you may use this website and also provide important information about the way in which we provide our services.

All references in the Legal Notices and elsewhere on this website to “Majstorović & Partners”, “Majstorovic”, “M&P”, “Advokatska kancelarija Majstorović”, “Zajednička advokatska kancelarija Majstorović & Partners” or “the firm” mean Majstorović & Partners z.a.k. its subsidiaries and affiliates, and the other partnerships, corporations and undertakings which are authorised to practise using the name “Majstorović & Partners” as the context may require. “We” or “us” or “our” mean Majstorović & Partners.

In Serbia we practise through a joint law office (in Serbian: “Zajednička advokatska kancelarija“) known as Majstorović & Partners, whose principal place of business is at Dunavska 8, 21000 Novi Sad, Vojvodina. The joint law office is authorised and regulated by the Vojvodina Bar Association (BAV), in line with the Law on Advocacy, Statute of the Serbian Bar Association, Statute of the Vojvodina Bar Association and Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys (hereinafter: “Applicable Legislation”). Pursuant to the Applicable Legislation, the Joint Law office does not have legal subjectivity. Consequently, the legal assistance is provided by the Founders and, on a case-to-case basis by other engaged Attorneys at Law in line with the Applicable Legislation as well as the legal trainees of the Attorneys at Law.

Bar admission

Unless otherwise stated, all lawyers at Majstorović & Partners are admitted in Serbia to practise as lawyers under the professional title “advokat” and are members of the local Bar association: Advokatska komora Vojvodine. The rules of professional ethics applicable to members of the Advokatska komora Vojvodine are available on its website, Further information can be found under People.

Attorney advertising notice

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